3 Tips to Choose Affordable Translation Without Compromising Quality

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

How to get affordable translation services

Your company’s budget may go through cycles of feeling a little stretched. Building expansions, adding cubicle spaces, partnering with companies to create synergistic results are very trying on any business! With all the upgrades, expansions, and trying to get the word out about your product can challenge your morale, and your wallet. Some months are easier than others, and you may look at cutting costs where you can. Before cutting ties with your translation agency, talk to them about establishing a budget.

Here are a few tips to choose affordable translation without compromising quality:

Has this message been translated before?

Look back at your past translations to verify what communications have already been translated. Often, companies will translate similar (if not the same) messages at different points in the year. Keep records of the messages your business has created over the years with their parallel translations to help cut some costs.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices elsewhere

Lower costs are often tied with lower quality. Make sure to check out the translation agency’s reputation before jumping on the discount band wagon. There is room in your translation budget to work with people who are passionate about portraying the integrity of your messages.

Talk to your translation agency–they work for you

It is important to keep lines of communication open with your professional translation agency. If you need to tighten your translation budget, talk to them about how they can help you get affordable translation. Often, they can help you evaluate where time is being allocated in your translation, and if there is a way to cut some of that down. Do you have multiple requests for translations? Are they on a deadline? Which are most important? Once your process is tightened, your professional translation agency will work with you to deliver quality content.

Putting in place a translation budget does not mean you need to skim quality work. Your agency will work with you to get your communications out. Contact our 24-hour Customer Representatives via live chat if you have any questions about getting affordable translations.

What qualities do you look for in a professional translation agency?