4 Reasons to Translate Your Website Into Spanish

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

If your company only has the budget for now to order to translate the website into just one language, make it Spanish. Here are the reasons why.

Why translate your website into Spanish

Spanish speakers make up the largest minority group in the United States

After sales support in the US is mainly available in English or Spanish. It is very likely that you either have a Spanish speaker in your staff or as one of your customers. It will be to your advantage not to alienate them and instead make it easier to serve or accommodate them. Availing of services to translate your website into Spanish is a good first step.

There are more Spanish speakers than English speakers in the world

Next to Chinese, the most spoken language in the world is Spanish. English is only the 3rd most spoken language. Although English is spoken in a lot more countries than Spanish, the number of Spanish speakers in total beat English speakers by the millions. So if you think you’re already reaching to a lot of potential customers or partners with your English website, you can double that by availing of services to translate your website into Spanish.

It will give you access to nations with rich natural resources

Spanish speaking countries are home to a wealth of natural resources that are naturally strictly guarded by the government. Showing that you have invested in services to translate your website into Spanish proves to them that you are serious about making deals with them, and that you are interested in establishing relationships in the long-term. That you are not just out to make a quick buck and exploit them.

It will give you access to an outstanding and affordable labour resource

If it wasn’t for the language barrier a lot more people would outsource to more South American countries. As it is, even now, 2 South American countries are already counted in the top ten countries to outsource too. Making the decision to translate your website shows that you are open to long-term partnerships with a foreign-speaking workforce.

No other investment than to translate your website into Spanish can give you instant returns.