4 Tips For Global Expansion Of Small Businesses

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

A business no matter what size can easily take on global expansion nowadays thanks to the internet and localization. Here are some things you should keep in mind on your way to world domination.

Global expansion tips

You don’t have to establish a brick and mortar branch overseas

Your small business can successfully pull off global expansion without even stepping a foot outside your country. All you need is your localized site and local partner distributors. There’s no need for a huge investment.

It’s better to hire a native translator and proofreader

A lot of non-native translators can be very good. Unfortunately, they don’t have something that the natives have all their lives, intimate knowledge of the people and past and current events in the country where the language is from. Native translators would not only translate, they would choose the best combination of words that would appeal to their fellow countrymen and make your company and products look very good. Most of all, they would know what not to say. Many marketing campaign have failed or even worse, became a laughingstock, because the translator does not know ┬álocal slang as a native translator would.

With the internet, it would be easy to find not only a native, but a native who is actually residing in your target country right now, so they would know its current pulse and other useful trends. And you can select one with the specialization that you need, such as marketing or technical skills. The best solution is to address to a translation company which can provide translation and localization services.

Make sure your site can handle other language alphabets

It would be a shame if you finally have your localized content but it comes out gibberish in your site. If your site provider can’t support the language, you might have to find a web developer to fix it.

SEO Marketing can be applied to any language

If you’re going to have your site content localized you might as well optimize it for SEO Marketing. Just the right addition of a few keywords can do wonders for your site’s traffic.

Global expansion only hinges in good language support and the internet.