4 Tips to Cut Down Translation Costs

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

Worried about overspending on translations? Fear not! With a little due diligence, you can cut down translation costs before submitting your content for a quote! Put best practices in place at your business and you will never overpay for a translation again. Here are a few tips to cut translation costs:

How to cut down translation costs

Common-phrase translation glossary. You can name this something cooler, like Fernando’s Phrases if you would like. Ultimately, this is a glossary that you create of common phrases your business uses in communications. Once they are translated, keep them documented. You can use an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document, or an old-fashioned pen and paper method. Cut out those phrases before sending the document to the translation agency. Never pay for the same translation over and over again. When done right, this will cut down translation costs quite a lot.

Edit your document. Before sending your content for translation, it is crucial to ensure your document is 100% perfect for translation. Take out any words or phrases that are not going to serve your message. This includes jargon, slang, abbreviations, and misspellings.

Have someone proofread your document. At some point, the words will blend together, and you will have the message memorized and your eyes will skim over your content. Have a second (or third) pair of eyes read through your message before finalizing your document.

Ask about translation memory services. Technology has come a long way, and that includes professional translation services. Translation memory services are basically databases that contain common phrases that can quickly be retrieved. This will save your translator time in preparing your document, and will save your business money.

There are so many ways to cut down translation costs from your end as the customer. If you run out of ideas, talk with your professional translation service about their ideas to cut down costs. Because they are professionals who have taken the time to learn the voice of your business, they can help you with creating short and effective messages that will still impact your target market population. Request assistance by calling, emailing, or dropping a comment!