All about Understanding Translation Quotes

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

Translation quotes

Once a client makes a request, whether the project moves ahead depends on the speed in which the request is processed.  You will only reach success if you act like a professional.  Translation quotes can be received mainly in three ways: by e-mail, by phone or via our website.  Each request should be considered important.  The faster our initial response is, the faster the translation project will move to its next phase that is the quotation.

There are three main factors influencing the cost of translation are the application of Memory technology, the combination of the languages being translated, the existence or lack of revision.

A number of translation companies employ Translation Memory technology in their work. A TM known as translation memory is a database storing divisions such as sentences, paragraphs, titles in a list previously translated. This aims to help human translators. TMs are usually utilized with a CAT tool, a word processing system, multilingual thesaurus, language management systems. You should know that in some cases, it could be used with an unprocessed machine translation output. This technology can greatly decrease the word count even with new translations, in which there may be many repetitions.

Although it has all the advantages mentioned above, translation memory technology also has disadvantages. One of them is that its costs will be included in the translation price that will be paid by clients accepting translation quotes. Firstly, this price could be a bit high, but as the translation process goes on, and TMs of previously translated texts are gradually built up, also appear advantages of decreased word counts and translations that are more consistent. Thus, the quality of the translation increases.

Software localization is usually charged on an hourly basis, although hourly rates can fluctuate from one translation agency to another. A major cause could be the location of that company. In a poor country, a translation firm usually has much lower hourly rates than one in a developed country. This is because operating costs are more expensive in developed countries.

If you come about to find translation services that seem strangely cheap to you, in that case you will have to find out exactly what translation process they use, by what means they managed to cut costs so much, and undoubtedly to request for references of their previously completed work.

In conclusion, if you want to pick the translation quotes, you will need to have a very clear idea of your priorities regarding the text you want to have translated.