Appealing Qualities of a Good Translator

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2015)

Appealing Qualities of a Good Translator

A freelance translator sometimes faces a lot of trouble finding translating agencies, and it is getting worse due to more and more people entering into the race. They want to have continuous work from one agency, which seems almost impossible. There are some good suggestions to see what the professional translation agencies are looking for in a good translator.

Application manners

A translator agency’s Inbox is flooded with the applicators’ requests to work, all the time. They never reply to each mail they receive. So if you want to apply to a specific agency, carefully check its whereabouts and online website. If available, find an application procedure there. If you cannot find it, simply ask them How to Apply. Most of the time, it works.

Resume Style

The details attached to the application must be clear enough for the translation project manager to have a quick clear approach to it. If the agencies want to hire a good translator, the next thing they do is to contact you. Never forget to highlight a contact number and email address, along with the qualification, pay rate and your experience level in your resume. Make sure you have not mentioned any unnecessary details.

Start with a Low Level

Translators that are starting out with an agency, even if they are experts, cannot start with big projects, they must be patient and be prepared to accept small projects first so that a certain level of trust and reliability can be founded first. Once they have their reputation, they can easily have the opportunity to get more and larger projects, and the chance to excel.

A Man of Word

At work, you must take care of your reputation. If you accept an agreement to do a specific piece of work in a particular time, make sure not to cross the time limit. It is a delicate barrier of trust between an employer and employee. Crossing a deadline in a translation agency is destroying your impression. The chances are they will never trust you again. Moreover, if you cannot meet the given time, be honest before the work starts.

Talk about it

There are a number of cases when a good translator can meet some complications during work. In a fear of ruining their impression as a good worker, they avoid informing the agency about it. The preferable way is to communicate it to the translation agency. If there are some unclear texts, bad handwriting or whatever the problem is. Translation agencies like to deal with translators who explain everything to them from time to time. Therefore, they can give client reasons and work progress.


The presentation always matters. When you complete a translation, format it to match the original document, before sending it back to the agency. It is the psychology of translation agency and the client to see a relationship between both the documents, as they generally do not know one of the languages. If the document is in its raw form, it gives a bad impression.

Question the unknown

Translation agencies encourage the good translators who communicate their problems. If you are stuck on a sentence, and get confused over an issue, ask about it. This not only covers you, but also the translation agency.