Automated translations: A question of quality.

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Automated translations are widely used today thanks to recent technological improvements and availability of the service free of charge.

Website owners, businesses and even leading brands use automatic translation to translate their content but unfortunately, the use of automatic translation could be more damaging than not translating at all. Computers will need human intelligence before being able to understand and correctly translate even simple sentences. Google itself, which is the biggest machine translation provider, admits that machine translation may be viewed as spam.

Maybe you are tempted to publish a translated version of your website based on automated translations.

Please don’t! It may discredit your business and could even affect your current rankings. There is no machine that can replace an experienced native translator.

You will probably think automated translations will save time and money and that is true. But it is also true that it should never be used alone. Let’s see why that is:

  • • Translations and localizations need to be edited by qualified native translator.
  • • No machine can replace a human being for interpreting different and subtle meanings of a word in different contexts.
  • • The message needs to remain intact when it passes from the source language to the target language—the work of a translator is never solely about translating words but is also about deconstructing messages.
  • • Machine translation generates pages making them invisible to search engines. If someone is searching for information in a language other than English, your  website will not be found in the search results because that content does not exist.

Just consider the implications of a poor and inaccurate automated translations of financial, technical or legal information. What would be the point of having a button to translate a website if the information translated is useless?

We know resources are limited but you can identify top tasks, translate that content and then build from that. Some people say “There ain’t nothing like the real thing”  so maybe you should get yourself a qualified translator and go for the “real thing”!

ISO Translations provides professional translation services and we are the efficient and affordable alternative to machine translation. By using professional translation services you will get both quality and speed. But most importantly, you get quality and speed for the most competitive rates and prices.

Please remember that we are open 24 hours a day, therefore we are available anytime for your most urgent requests. Feel free to contact us no matter what time of the day or night! Try not to use poor quality automated translations on your site.