Avoid marketing errors by using proper localization of your materials

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

Proper localization of your marketing materials means translating them to the local language of your foreign target market not only flawlessly but in such a way as to make it appealing and make your brand endearing. Proper localization will make it seem that the product was made for the target country in the first place, instead of just being re branded to suit their culture.

Why use proper localization services

This would entail having your marketing materials to be translated by natives, and moreover, by translated by natives who are currently in the target country. These marketing materials will be seen by millions of people. The aim of localization is not to only sell your product but to introduce your company to the new foreign market. A wrong introduction can give your company a bad reputation or cause it to be the butt of jokes. Natives who are in the target country will not only be able to translate marketing materials accurately, they will also make sure that it doesn’t carry any unintended meaning, such as a similarity to offensive slang words, especially newly-coined ones, or have risky connotations or share the same name with things that wouldn’t be good for its image. Business history is full of lamentable marketing errors caused by lack of attention to correct localization. It would not be a good thing for your company to become a prime example for marketing errors to be often quoted for years to come.

Finding someone to localize your marketing materials is not hard to do these days with the internet. Even better, you can pick someone who can not only do the localization, but also has a business or marketing background. They would not only know the right words to present the product, but will be familiar with what business and marketing practices work in the target country in order to avoid any unforeseen marketing errors.

Best of all, because they are translators, you can talk to them directly about your business and marketing needs without routing through a third party. Miscommunication can be a great source of marketing errors.

In the right hands, everything you have spent on localization will pay off.