Becoming A Specialist Translator? Need Help?

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2015)

Specialist Translator

Becoming a specialist in translation or a specialized translator does not mean you want to earn a degree in a specific field. You can also have a profession other than translation to become specialized in. In this way, the work you already do becomes your specialty in translation. For example, You may be an attorney or a receptionist in the doctor’s clinic or may be any another profession but not a linguistic one. Then, perhaps you are able to translate the text in those fields more effectively. It is more interesting to prefer a field of the things you do for fun. If you are a hobbyist, or love watching sports matches, then that would be the best thing for you to specialize in. You could become an expert as a sports translator. You could not only excel in it, but you will also have fun doing it.

Now if you really want to become a specialist translator, we suggest you read a few tips about it.

The first thing you want to do is to learn more and more vocabulary in both the source and target languages. This could be easily achieved by being in touch with the seminars and presentations about it, or you could also do some courses or a diploma in the given field.

Whatever you are translating, absorb all information about the subject you come across and search for articles related to that field. To become an expert, you must have a deep knowledge about the subject. Explore the magazines, journals and read about the subject. You would be familiar with all the information. Even at a particular level, you would be able to make your own glossary about the things.

Sign up for the blogs, websites, or pages about the topic. You will then be updated about the trade every now and then.

Make your work fun. For a translator, being specialized is a major part in their life. It is as if once they get to choose their topic of specialization, they must stick to it until they become an expert in it. Therefore, the point is that, they must find the topic interesting enough for them to end up doing it perfectly. Otherwise, it would be chaos.

Stick to the fundamentals

Be patient to become a specialist translator in your field. It is not a thing you could achieve in an eye blink. Just keep it in mind, how you could lay your building on the foundation.

Check out the market rate

It is not only translation industry, that has its specialization, but also all industries including trade, marketing, business, and others. Nevertheless, the rule is the same. You must know your audience and should not follow other professionals. Be yourself. That is what makes you different from others. The right agency such as ISO Translations can help you reach your goal.

Be a true professional

To become a specialist, you must fulfill the requirements of a true professional. Many people still do not understand what the difference is between a specialist translator and a generic. They actually do not know what translators actually do. Being a specialist is all about being professional. When you are a specialist, you are one-step ahead of the mass. You are distinguished. The agencies can easily recognize you by your real skills so you can easily get your job with a higher rate than others can.