The Benefits of Label Translation

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

Label Translation

In order to maximize and expand the business operations in the global market, businesses have gone ahead and localized their product in a way that redefined and strengthened marketing strategies and business opportunities. Giving the business a local focus makes for additional profit opportunity through increased traffic and larger market share.

Specifically, product packaging and labeling has dramatically improved in the last ten or fifteen years. With the onset of standardization codes and programs, companies and other small to medium businesses have been all enjoined to follow standardized labels and packaging procedures for their product and marketing brochures. One important element of this is the inclusion of multi-language instructions and information on the labels of these products. Translation of label and product packaging into multi-languages helps in achieving local focus for the business operations. This particularly helps in establishing product patronage in a specific target market.

Whether it is for retailers or manufacturers, label and packaging translation helps in giving the business a boost because it helps localize products. It has such a big impact on the operations in making the business more appealing to the customers. If the target market sees a certain product but cannot seem to understand the label because it is not in their local language, then it is most certain that the product will just be brushed aside. Product information on labels that is understood by the customers has greater chances of being chosen. The market can be a discerning kind, sometimes even critical with just a certain product’s label. They plainly choose what seems to be appealing to them though the language and instruction they understand better.

Also, label and packaging translation helps in legal compliance especially in most countries now which require product and product information to be in their national and official language. There have been reports of products being pulled off the shelves because of non-compliance with this requirement. It can be costly and troublesome. Notwithstanding these risks, choosing a translation agency that can offer your business the right opportunity is a testament of how the business wants to run in the next five or ten years.

Look for translation companies that can offer your business the best value through quality translation that provides your business the added boost and achieve a local focus. Companies such as ISO Translations provide you with a multi-language translation for your labels and packaging, and offer you personalized and value-added service that will totally make your business stand out from the rest. Quality in label translation extends to giving your product tailor-fit and personalized service through highly qualified translators that have been selected not only for their linguistic abilities but also for their technical knowledge and specialized expertise that are consistent with today’s most stringent standards (such as ISO certification and valuation). Furthermore, quality label translation also means that the information on these labels is accurate. It would be disastrous to find out label information that does not carry your appropriate business logo or contact information. It may also entail legal implications as label translation is required by most countries.

A business with global operations must be wary about choosing the right translation for labels and packaging. This can either make or break profit and market opportunities that will establish your business in the ensuing years.