Localization for BlackFriday – Are you ready for the international market?

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2015)

Black Friday localization

Black Friday is the start of the holiday season frenzy and you still have time to localize your product or services, even your website. Localization is the key to appealing to an international market and gaining thousands of new customers.

A company that is relaying on only one language will find itself at significant disadvantage.

For this global sales event, everything from online advertisements to print collateral will need to be part of a localization strategy.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become  international marketing terms used by online retailers in Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States . The trend has been started by retailers in the US, but it soon spread all over the world. Large, international retailers have introduced it to other markets and made it very popular among consumers. Most of the people accepted the English term so there was no need for localization.