Bridge Cultural Gaps with Qualified Translators

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2015)

Qualified Translators

Many assume, and not just in America and the UK, that if there were only one language it would be English. True enough, several countries’ education systems teach English starting very early on, and most travel destinations (especially tourist hot spots) will afford you many chances to encounter someone who speaks English and can help you find your way. However, it is naive to assume that everyone everywhere is versed in the language, and if working on any sort of global scale you will need to eventually communicate with somebody in his or her own language, be it directly or through a third-party interpreting service. Most professional relationships involve more than simple spoken communication, so these professional translation agencies come in handy to ensure you follow cultural conventions and keep all professional business amicable.

Written translation is one vital service qualified translators will provide, with a degree of knowledge in how to spin advertising for the target language. Companies will be impressed that you took the time to have your normal advertising or informational literature translated for their benefit. This is part of why many professional websites already have the option to read them in multiple languages. This invites the potential for business in markets that you have not even played yet.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation is perhaps even more important, not for drawing in business but for keeping it. Even if you have in-house qualified translators, one target culture is not enough for the truly ambitious professional of international trade. Having a go-to agency allows for conferencing and communication with a wider range of prospective and long-term clients. Not only will they help you seal your business deals, but also they will help you attain knowledge of what your clients would like to see changed in your advertising and websites depending on how their culture perceives your specific occupational services (e.g. trading, medicine, politics, etc.), and other factors.

Cultural gaps will always persist to some degree, due to the teachings and beliefs that simply do not translate. The benefit of using a quality translator and interpreter is that you will greatly cut down on how much these gaps affect your business. This said; keep in mind the importance of spending money to make money. Dropping more than a dime on your Translation Services and qualified translators will be a wise investment; otherwise, you risk spending all of your time in pursuit of clients with whom communication will be impossible.