Business Card Translation and Its Advantages

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

The growing universality of international business organizations needs business people to travel to various parts of the world. During a business trip, one often comes across or is introduced to individuals whose culture/area of trade/connections can be beneficial for business. A business card can be of great help on such events. Who knows a business card given to someone might end up offering you a business deal of a lifetime! So if you often go on business tours in other countries, you should think about what business card translation can do for you.

Business card translation

The first thing to acknowledge is the language of your business cards. Should they all be in your language, English? If you are an American who always takes business tours to Japan or China, it would be more useful to arrange yourself sets of business cards in Japanese or Chinese. They would be more productive, as well as impressive. The latter because the people whom you give your business card would undoubtedly note that you pay attention to details and have made an effort to get your business card translated into their native language.

Coming to the topic of business card translation, since it is an essential document, you should take care to get it translated by expert language translation specialists. At ISO Translations, we have highly skilled and experienced business card translators who have been providing high-quality business card translations at economical rates to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our professional translators treat the minutest of details with respect; furthermore, since we have a large number of in-country translators at ISO Translations, they are familiar with the different linguistic preferences of the locals. For instance, the West has a choice of long and complicated job labels which would confuse a foreigner when translated literally.

A native professional translator should be entrusted for perfect fluency and proper formatting for languages such as Arabic and Chinese to be user-friendly. A professional translator can craft a multilingual document with notes introduced at the back, printed logos, and colors, and essential details visible at first sight and brand crust. For professional expatriates and businesses, translation of their names and brand logos into the exact pronunciation of the target audience will go a long way in establishing brand recognition offshore.

Advantages of Business Card Translation

  • Your hosts will take you more seriously
  • It will enable you to break the ice quickly
  • It will communicate your title and name beyond any doubt
  • It will professionally present your company
  • It will inspire confidence in your services
  • It says that you’re culturally aware and open to international prospects
  • It gives a great first impression, and it is a gesture of courtesy
  • A translated business card is an unbeatable tool for human networking that creates a positive impact, has a personality, different shades of colors, personalized feel and are memorable.

If you’re thinking of getting your business card translated, then look no further. Here at ISO Translations, we offer professional business card translation services.