Business translation done by freelancers or translation agencies

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2020)

When it comes to business translation, you need to make sure the output is perfectly conveying the meaning of the source and also to make sure the translation is perfectly adapted to the target market. You can be assured of quality services from translation agencies instead of freelancers. Here are some of the reasons why.

Why use an agency for business translation?

Translation agencies use professional translators

Unlike most freelancers, those who work as professional translators in agencies actually have solid credentials in their field of specialization, be it business, medical, legal, technical etc. on top of their training and experience as a translator. Contrast this to freelancers who may or may not have a background in business, and whatever experience they have is mixed with experience in other fields that they can’t be an authority in any of them.

Translation agencies have powerful translation tools available

Some of the most useful translation tools are available only from translation agencies. They have also built up the tool’s database over the years from all the business translation that they have done. You are not only assured of in-depth knowledge in business translation but also of speedy results facilitated by the software.

These software also guarantees that not one single line is missed and that all terms are consistent all through out your documents. They make it easier to track any changes so you are free to make revisions any time, or approach them again in the future and be charged only with the most minimal cost of only translating the revisions and not the whole document all over again. Speed, accuracy and consistency are the top three things essential for business translation.

Translation agencies have well-seasoned proofreaders

Translation agencies not only have the most professional translators, they also have the most qualified proofreaders at hand. Expert proofreaders know the subject and the terms thoroughly, know where mistakes are usually made, translation and grammar-wise. Translators may translate but proofreaders make sure that the chosen words carry the intention of the original document. They are also meticulous even about checking that the original layout has been followed.

Translation agencies may cost more than freelancers but worth every penny spent. ¬†When it comes to business, you don’t want to scrimp on cost.