Google Translate for business, how good is it?

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

A business cannot afford a faulty or inaccurate translation! The ROI from using proper language translation done by a professional human translator is sky-higher than using Google Translate for business.

Why Google Translate for business is not good when it comes to business expansion?

Google Translate for business may not be suitable because a minor mistake can be reason-enough for someone not to buy your products or use your services. Don’t make this mistake. Hire a professional translator for your content.

For instance, the Spanish-speaking people are sensible to lousy translation and will compare that with your business reputation, Spanish is a problematic language that needs a professional to get all the grammatical nuances. A small change in a single word can create a drastic change in the meaning of the phrase.

It is true that Google Translate for business can be useful when you are traveling and need to get directions in a foreign language, but it’s another case when your business clients need critical classified documents translated, which will involve complex nuances and a good knowledge of the source language. If the materials include legal contracts, financial records, compliance training materials, health-related documents, medical drug trials or global branding videos, Google Translate for business is unlikely to be the right tool.

It is essential to note that companies may think it’s more cost-effective to avoid using a translation agency and take benefit of the free service instead, unaware to the fact that Google collects all of the translated data. This may be an issue when confidential information is involved.

Reasons to Avoid Using Google Translate for Business

  • Google Translate saves time and reduces costs, but free tools (or near-free) are not ideal when business documents are required to be translated. Clients could choose professional translation services and ensure that their documents will be safe and properly translated.
  • Google Translate now practices a combination of machine and human volunteers to ensure translations are more reliable, but it’s still far from perfect. Translation agencies have quality assurance practices already confirmed to provide better results.
  • To use Google Translate, you require having an account with them at all times.
  • Professional translators don’t use Google Translate because it would be time-consuming, unproductive, and incorrect.
  • The tool will probably improve the accuracy of its translations the more human volunteers are concerned in offering corrections and with the growth of the database of documents it examines, but the meaning and a language’s unique nuances will be a tough task for it to manage. A machine doesn’t have sense and isn’t able to find the ideal words for a specific text.
  • Though enhanced technology is improving our way to translation, the traditional translation industry is safe for now just because the tools don’t translate social preferences, which is recognized by businesses that are serious about connecting with their audience in the best and most direct way possible.

While Google Translate for business is a great tool, it has yet to reach acceptable-enough levels. If you are looking for a translation agency which provides accurate translation for business at low costs, call ISO Translations!