How to count the number of words in a file

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2018)

If you have a document that needs to be translated to any other language, how do you count the number of words in a file?

If you are in a hurry and need it to be done in a minimum amount of time, the easiest solution is contacting us. We can do it for you and give you a complete quote in a few minutes. You can also use our free document word counter. As it is one of the most asked questions these days, here is some basic information about it.

How do I count the number of words in a file

  • How to count words in a MS Word document?

If you are having a document in MS Word format, you are absolutely lucky since this tool provides you the word count facility itself. You only need to have a look at the bottom left side of the application to get the details. You may need to enable Editing before the appearing of word count depending on the version of MS Word you are using. Click on Words and the complete details will be shown to you.

  • How to count words in a PDF document?

How to count the number of words in a file with a .pdf extension? Counting words in a PDF document is not easy since it doesn’t show the word count as MS word does.

Before explaining how to count words in PDF, let me explain in brief about PDF.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. As suggested by the name, the document is easily readable by all sorts of computers. It contains text and graphics that are needed to create a good-looking document. The security functions in PDF make them best for businesses. Today, the PDF format is consider to be standard for all sorts of business documents. In order to count words, two types of PDFs should be considered- one which contains text actually represented as text and other which contains text represented as graphics.

  1. PDFs containing text represented as text

PDFs containing text represented as text are created using the option of ‘save as PDF’ similar to MS Word. As soon as you click on Save button, it produces a copy of the document with the entire text.

The biggest advantage of this is that it allows copying. Now you can only copy the content from PDF, paste it in MS Word file and simply count the words as mentioned in the above section.

One of the things you need to know is that most of the PDFs you create this way are protected by a password. It means that you just can’t copy and paste it unless you have the password. However, you need not worry in this regard because we have a software to help you in this regard. Simply email the document to us and we will get this job done for you.

  1. PDFs containing text represented as graphics

In such documents, you need to convert the graphics back to text. You can check out our free tool. Only upload the document and you will get an email in few minutes with the quote and number of words.

In short that about answers the question on how to count the number of words in a file. Can’t do it despite the above? Get in touch and we’ll do it for you!