How to promote affiliate services using social media marketing

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2016)

Marketing has been made extremely easier nowadays with the internet, and one of the recent tactics is to use social media marketing to promote your preferred affiliate program. You are able to reach many people very easily, quickly and conveniently, day or night. But just because it’s easy to get exposure for the product that you are promoting doesn’t mean you won’t have to do a little work. Here are some ways to promote affiliate services using social media marketing.

Build your contacts

Social media makes it easy to make new contacts. You don’t have to share a meaningful relationship with them or make too much of an effort to become closer friends. It could just be as simple as following someone with interesting posts, or sharing the same interest, or it could just be someone you need to help you level up in your games. What progress it has been from the Tupperware parties of some years ago.

Your direct contacts are not necessarily the ones who would click on the link of your company sponsor. It could be their own contacts who they think would benefit from affiliate services. Or it could be the contacts of their contacts. And so on. You don’t even have to tag them directly, it could feel invasive. It’s enough that a lot of people can see your posts.

 This is the beauty of social media marketing

Gussy up your links

An affiliate services link looks too suspicious with all of its alien numbers. Use a more palatable redirect link first with actual key words to lure interested viewers. Even better, create an image link. People like to see first what they are getting into.

Share the links with the sincere intention of being helpful

A lot of people shy away from marketing gimmicks. But if you share the links to your contacts as if it helped you and now you want to help your contacts or you think it will be helpful to them then people will respond to that without suspicion.

Using social media marketing to promote affiliate services doesn’t have to be a hard sell. ¬†Everybody wins.