How to translate English to Russian without making a mess

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)

The estimates of how many people speak Russian range from 150 million to 180 million, while those who speak English top-off somewhere near 450 million. Although both of these languages are widely spoken, it is so easy to mix up conjugations, prepositions, and any other language rules when you translate English to Russian. Thankfully, there are professional translation services that can help your communications be translated competently.

How to translate English to Russian without making a mess

Never use a machine translation.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are many enticing technologies that are available for cheap (or even free) online that offer to provide quick translations. Needless to say, those translation tools will never catch the little nuances of culturally-sensitive messages. Avoid miscommunication and misinterpretations with your target audience. Never use a machine translation when you translate English to Russian or any other language.

Work with a specialized translator

A specialized translator is just that—a specialist. This is someone who has gone the distance with their chosen language and subject-matter to become an expert. A translator like this will ensure your communications come out competent and clear, 100% of the time when you translate English to Russian.

Hire a professional translation service

Have your materials translated by a professional translation agency. These are people dedicated to spreading appropriate communications across the world. Best practices include hiring the best of the best translators, having native-speakers proofread professional business documents, and connecting directly with target audiences to build long-lasting relationships. They have a passion for linguistics and culture, and want nothing more than to work for you.

There are also steps you can take to ensure your document is ready to translate English to Russian. For instance, ensure your communication is edited, and has been proofread before you send it in for a quote. Also, ask your professional translation service about any translation technologies that could save your translator time, and your company money.