Affiliate tips: It is all about the translation product

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)

Translation product

As an affiliate your interest is to let your readers or connections know about your affiliate programme, make them act on it, meaning buy, and make money. This is considered a win-win situation, the company sales the translation product, the buyer learns about the product or service at a convenient time and the affiliate gets paid for his work.

It sounds like a “no brainer”, but some affiliates make a substantial amount of money each month while others struggle. One of the most common mistakes Affiliate Programs point out is that affiliates promote their program and not the product or service.

Promote the translation product

If you want your followers to believe in the product or service you are promoting and buy it you need to show them that you believe in it.

There are many ways of endorsing the product or service:

  • Dedicating a blog post;
  • Retwitting regularly from the company;
  • Sharing post on Facebook and Linked In.

Most information about our company and the service we provide is easily obtained online at ISO Translations or the social media sites and if you still have questions please send us an email to [email protected]

Don’t forget that ISO Translations’ affiliate program is one of the most beneficial in the world, offering you 18% of the payment made by the customer as a lifetime commission, this way you will increase your bottom line with each sale you generate.

Please check out some of our previous posts regarding our Affiliate Program, information on how to place banner ads on your website/blog and how to promote yourself without a personal website. You can get your marketing materials about the translation product by logging into your affiliate account on the ads section where you can choose any ads and links.