Requirements of legal translation for immigration

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2019)

Legal translation for immigration: what are the main steps to take?

Legal translation for immigration can be a complicated process, especially if you don’t have specialists nearby for help. If you are applying for the U.S. green card or other immigration benefits and presenting your paperwork for immigration in the US, you will need to translate any non-English documents into English.

If you are submitting your file to the U.S. embassy or consulate abroad, then the embassy or consulate may be able to deal with the documents that are in the language of that nation. Their guidance will usually tell you if they cannot. Though, you should double check your local consulate’s procedures to be sure. The translation process can be challenging but with help of professionals you will get it done fast and without a hassle.

Which Documents You May Need Legal Translation for Immigration?

1. Birth Certificate

Copies of birth certificate along with birth certificate translations are necessary for nearly every immigration filing. Your birth certificate won’t be legal unless it includes the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your DOB
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ full names
  • A seal from the issuing agency showing that it is an original certificate

If your birth certificate is misplaced or unavailable, you may have to obtain affidavits for family members to confirm and swear to your individuality. If that is the situation, the affidavits also will require to be translated if in a language other than English.

2. Passport

USCIS needs a passport translation of the biographic page, picture page and the visa page of your passport. Only these pages are required; translations of the other pages are not necessary.

3. Professional & Academic Evidence

To be qualified for an employment-based green card, you must verify that you are the most suitable candidate for the job you are working. Depending on what level of employment-based green card you are appealing for, the proof you must submit may consist of:

A letter from an organization verifying employment outside the US, the nature of the past work, and the dates of employment

An official academic document is showing that you are qualified and have advanced or similar foreign degree required to do the job.

If these credentials are not in English, a legal translation must be presented along with copies of the original documents for immigration.

4. Family Members’ Documents

If you are applying for immigration with your family, your spouse or any dependents, you will have to show evidence of your relationship and their identities. Sometimes, USCIS may recommend immigration DNA testing to help prove familial relationships.

What other elements should you consider for legal translation for immigration?

If you are married, be sure to include a copy of your marriage certificate. If you had a marriage outside and the document is not in English, you will need to provide a translation. If you have children, you will need to provide USCIS with copies and translations of their birth certificates and valid passports.

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Certification specifications vary from country to country, but our translators are familiar with legal systems worldwide and with this experience can help you meet your immigration translation requirements.