Affiliate tips: Make a strategy

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)

Affiliate tips: Make a strategy

Last time on affiliate tips we have talked about how important promoting the product is for any affiliate. Now let us tell you more about ISO Translations and our services.

As you now we are a team of professional linguists exclusively reserved for any special large projects, in our company the most stringent quality standards have been met and are continuously upheld.

But this information is rather generalistic and may look more like advertising and may not interest your audience. So, here are some interesting ways of talking about your affiliate program and keeping the subject interesting for your readers.

  1. Start with your blog’s profile and audience, think about what your readers are interested in and make a list.
  2. Connect one of these subjects to the translation industry. This is not going to be difficult, translations are vital in any industry, for manuals with new technology, for products or trend descriptions in the fashion world, for recipes in the culinary world, etc.
  3. Make the post appealing. You can choose to make it funny by talking about famous blunders or make it serious and talk about serious mistakes that caused damage to companies, either financially or to their reputation.
  4. Connect your own experience. Relate an experience where you used professional translation services, either for personal documents or for the blog.

Do come back to our blog for more affiliate tips, here you are going to find out what is the best way to drive traffic to our affiliate program.