Make co-operation with your translation agency even easier

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)

Co-operation with your translation agency

1. Make sure you check your document before you send it to us:

Is there anything you can cut out? Perhaps something that does not concern the market of the target language? Or something that has been updated since the document was written? If anything needs updating, it is best to include that straight away to avoid any misunderstandings or complications later. Then of course, send the correct document and confirm with your colleagues they haven’t sent the same thing recently. (This may seem odd but does get forgotten at times: attach the document to the email and tell us which target language you need it to be translated into. Most of the time, we can work out the source language but there are many languages in which we can translate so guessing would be quite difficult.)

2. Please think carefully about your deadline:

Our translation agency does not charge rush rates but if you have a large document, a tight deadline will lead to several translators having to be assigned. And even though there will still only be one proofreader who will work on consistency, the individual parts may have different styles or even language use. And if things need to be changed later, this may again lead to complications as to who is responsible etc.
As a general rule, we estimate that a translator can complete 2000 words a day. A proofreader should be able to do 10 000 words per day. So if your project consists of 10 000 words, 5 days would be needed for translation and one additional day for proofreading.

3. Please try to send editable files:

Such as word.doc, excel, ppt etc. PDFs, scans and images cannot always be converted with the same layout. Sometimes, the translator will have to type the target language into a new Word-document because a conversion is not possible. In this case, the price will be based on the target language which may turn out to be much more than the original, but it’s not something we can know beforehand. DTP may also be charged in addition. And if your files are very large, try to zip them to begin with or even send them via yousendit, wetransfer or upload them to a server so the translation agency is able to work faster.

These points will save time and ultimately money and let’s face it, we all want to make savings in these difficult times. But please don’t go for the “too good to be true” option of having your work translated by the cheapest people out there. You need native linguists and qualified translators with experience. Otherwise, the result is also just cheap and that could damage your reputation and cost you clients.

Our translation agency provides you with translations of high quality guaranteed not only by our experienced linguists but also by our QA guidelines