Online translation quotes – are they accurate?

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2015)

Online translation quotes are generated as a response to a client’s request providing a translation company with documents to be translated.

Translation quotes include the detail of total amount charged by that company for rendering their services such as word count, desktop publishing cost, design work, etc.

How do we deal with online translation quotes

Online translation quotes can be delivered in 4 ways:

– via telephone: if you request a call back, the translation project manager will call you to deliver the quote and will answer all your questions on the phone;

– via e-mail: If the client requests a quote via email, the quote will be sent via email. The client can then reply to it with additional questions;

– via website: The client fills out our online translation quotes form and can specify how to receive the quote (via email or telephone);

– via live chat: The client can contact us by using our live chat support and he can upload documents. A project manager will reply to his request and the client receive the quote on the spot;

– via skype: Client can call us via Skype and talk to a project manager directly.

While an online translation quote should be easy to read and understand, our project managers are ready to answer all questions regarding prices, deadlines, any other information a client would need before accepting the quote.

Usually, when it comes to editable documents, the quote would not take more than a few minutes to be delivered. Still, there are some factors that could increase the time it takes to deliver the quote, for instance, if the source document is not editable, the manager may have a hard time counting the words and the translation will include an additional fee as a DTP specialist will have to transform the document into an editable one. If it comes to website translation, the manager will use our online word counter to scan the website and this will take some time.

When receiving their free online translation quotes, the clients can contact us using telephone, skype, email or live chat if they have any questions. A project manager will make sure they have all the information before accepting the quote. This way, we make sure the quote is accurate and the client fully understands what is included into it.