Differences Between Professional Translation and Free Translation

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2020)

We all know that the many businesses have very little time to spare when it comes to hiring an interpreter. Many companies don’t want to pay a fortune for hiring professional translators. They want to get the job done cost-effectively. It is important to know that a less expensive or a volunteer linguist may not have enough experience or enough grip on the language in question to provide you with a decent service.

A couple of examples have been listed below so that you can see the difference between them.

Using a computer for translation

We all know that many individuals and other small-scale organizations cannot afford to hire someone to translate something for them, like a document or a website. That’s why they turn to the internet for help. There is internet-based software which can translate entire websites or documents for you for free. Google Translate is the most popular online translator, and numerous individuals and organizations use it. But the problem with such software is that they translate word to word, and the translation sometimes does not make sense.

A person can read the sentence even if it was mistyped and then assume what the writer meant in the context, which a computer cannot do. So the quality of a computer-generated interpretation may not be what you want after all.

Using your employees

Another better way is to get the site or the document interpreted by your company’s employees who speak the language in question. But the problem you might face with this is that you must have people who speak that language. And even if you do have them, they may not be fluent enough in it to do a proper job.

Another problem that you can get by getting your employees to do the job is they may not be able to provide the interpreted material within the specified deadline since they also have their regular work to do.

Getting professional translation

After reading the examples mentioned above, it should be clear to you that even though those options are cheaper and accessible to avail, the result they provide may not be what you are looking. So the best thing is getting a professional translation in this case. There are many professional translators and companies who help individuals or businesses meet their interpretation needs. These organizations have scores of translators on board, ready to provide with whatever you may need from them.

Another benefit of using professional translation services is that your work will be done within the time you have specified and the quality of the work will be beyond your expectation. Moreover, after translating a website or a document, they will edit it for you to make sure that the translation is accurate. Availing their services may be a bit expensive, but the quality outcomes will surely make up for the extra cost.