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Our Professional Translation Process

 We dedicate a project manager to each client. This is the contact person for all your project needs; to plan, watch and control your translation project. In the near future we will be offering an online account for all your translation projects.

 The translation procedure will explain how we handle your documents and how the whole process is conducted – from the reception of your files to the final translation. On the following pages we will illustrate our Professional Translation Process for you.


Expert Project Management

  • Understanding each client’s needs
  • Providing and persisting with estimates
  • Setting the project goals
  • Planning the project process
  • Selecting the right team of linguists
  • Maintaining rigorous quality controls
  • Ensuring delivery commitments are met

Open Dialogue with the Client

  • keep the client informed at all times
  • clarify any pertinent issues with the client throughout the project process
  • work transparently so that the client will never be compromised
  • work in a friendly and professional manner so that the client is confident and content at all times

The right Linguists

  • Only translate into their native tongue
  • Must have the right language skills
  • Must have the right subject skills
  • Must have proven themselves through ongoing assessment


ISO qualified company providing high quality translation services

We select our translator and editor based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Our selection process ensures that we deliver a high quality service that meets your expectations.

All standard translations pass through a two-tiered process – initial translation, proofreading & editing – to ensure cultural accuracy. We, the ISO Translations Company, understand the importance of communicating your message clearly and our professional translation process ensures just that.


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