Promote affiliate programs without a website

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Promote affiliate programs without a website

There are many ways to promote affiliate programs without having your own website. We have gathered a few of these methods for you.

Affiliate Email marketing

This is a very good way of promoting affiliate products. All you need is an email list that you can use to send out your regular newsletter with your own personal affiliate link. There are many people who own email lists that are related to your interests and are willing to add an email from you to their list.

It is very important that the emails are interesting and brief. Never forget to include your affiliate link, as this is the main reason for this whole process. When the email is sent to the user, he will click on your link which will send him to the main website so he can make a purchase.

Using an audience on social media platforms to promote affiliate programs

  • Tumblr is a free blogging tool, considered a major source of original content. Most of the content posted on Tumblr consists of images and pictures, so if you use this type of media, most probably you will be able to gather an audience large enough so that, when you decide to promote an affiliate product, it could bring you a considerable profit.
  • Develop a Facebook fan page around an interest that you share with many individuals. Depending on the subject, the page can bring thousands of fans. At that moment, if you share your affiliate link, you can say that your Facebook affiliate marketing strategy was a success.

Affiliate Programs can be a profitable and easy way for you to form a partnership with a company and make commission every time your referral purchases a service or a product from that company.