Promote your affiliate program with the help of Twitter promotion

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)

Twitter promotion

When it comes to promoting your affiliate program, Twitter can be considered an untapped resource considering the many and unique strategies that you can use for such a campaign. These methods are unique; you won’t be able to implement them within other social media platforms.

Insert a link to a landing page into your Twitter Bio

A very good strategy is to use a landing page for your affiliate program rather than your website’s homepage, considering that it has a direct call to action and it comes easy to the followers who are interested in the product.

Also, if your website is based on the WordPress platform, you can use a plug-in called Pretty Link so you won’t have to use a random shortened URL which people sometimes do not trust. This plug-in also has another advantage, in that it tracks the clicks on your links so you can see how your Twitter promotion is going.

The presence of your URL in your Twitter’s Bio will also be noticed all around Twitter and related sites.

Use a Twitter Search tool to see who is talking about your Twitter promotion

Find different discussions about your topic, who is talking about it, and then join in the conversation and share your expertise and knowledge. A great tool to see what’s popular in the Twitter world is “Summize”, with which you can try to create targeted content around that topic.

Use Twitter Tools to Offer a Free Bonus

This means to give away something-for-nothing for the “price” of a tweet. For this, you just need to use certain tools like Pay with a Tweet or Cloud:flood which provide access to the free content when a reader shares your link.

Every social media platform has also its “don’ts”, such as:

  • Do not promote yourself all the time. Try to tweet interesting content so you won’t lose your followers. This will also help to draw attention.
  • Don’t send too many tweets, so it won’t be considered annoying.
  • Avoid posting duplicate tweets.

Take into consideration these guidelines for a successful Twitter promotion and remember that even though this social media platform is a powerful tool, it is only one piece of the puzzle.

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If you have any questions about your Twitter promotion, or need any assistance whatsoever, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] We’re here to make sure that you aren’t left with any unanswered questions!