Qualities of a Good Translation Professional

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

Nine qualities you must have to be a successful Translation Professional

Expert in source and target language

A good translation professional should be proficient in the source and target language. He should be able to get a degree from university for authentic translation certification.

Encourages suggestions and comments

Any reliable professional translator should encourage comments and suggestions from his clients. He should be open to criticism and able to improve his work. This quality will create a positive relationship with his clients.

Knowledge of computer related skills

A translation professional should have translation software installed on his computer. You can also use CAT translation tools. Not only this, but you can also translate manually. Check you email every hour for new translation jobs, and make sure you have the translation management software installed and working.

Ethical and committed

As a professional translator you should be committed to your work. Your dedication to your work can make you stand out among other professionals. You should keep ethical values in mind while at work. Never use your skills for illegal purposes.

Focused, self motivated, and results oriented

Being a translation professional you have be focused on your work. You cannot distract yourself from work. You need to be results oriented in order to catch more translation projects and earn more money and fame in the translation business. Read our latest post on time management for tips on how to increase productivity and remain focused on the job.

Ability to provide proofreading facilities

Always try to work in a team of two or more translators because it will help you finish big projects on time but you will also be able to proofread your work twice to avoid any grammatical and vocabulary errors.

Should be affordable and accessible

You should be in contact with your clients 24/7 to provide them with better services. Therefore, you should always keep your business number open and connected to emails to respond to your clients.

Good marketing skills

For getting good translation projects you need to have a catchy, to-the-point and impressive website where you can showcase your portfolio and share it with your future clients or you have to work with a translation agency.

Good project management skills

To finish any translation project successfully you need to have good project management skills. You can divide your work among co-workers and clear out responsibilities to get your translations done on time.

Do you have the skills to be a successful translation professional?