Why is Translation Expensive and How to Reduce Translation Costs?

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2018)

There are several free online tools that we often use to aid in our work, be it video editing, grammar checking, photo enhancements or any such thing. Most of these online free tools are do-it-yourself kind, thus requiring hardly any preparation or prior skills. Translation is one such thing and you can find many free online tools for getting your document translated at reduced translation costs. Bing and Google Translate are some of the popular options for this that are making our lives easier when it comes to translation. But this entire phenomenon presents another unique issue. We tend to believe that everything has to be free, so why should you spend money when you can go for a free option?

How to Reduce Translation Costs

The underlying paradox is that for high-quality work in the areas of your critical applications, you shouldn’t rely too much on the free options.

You must have seen incidences of poor results mostly from the use of free or cheap translation tools. What kind of impression would it create about the ways a company cares for its customers if they end up communicating with them so badly? That’s why, professional translators have a role to play in this regard. Their translation services are simply not replaceable by software when it comes to a quality translation work where you can’t afford to make mistakes, even though it the translation costs would be higher.

Translation, as a profession, requires more than just knowing two languages or being bilingual. Qualified translators are well educated and went through proper training. They are subject-matter experts and they have a good understanding of both languages and the subject of your documents.

This explains why this option is more expensive. The more experienced professionals you go for, the more expensive the service becomes. However, there are some tips to reduce translation costs when you have a limited budget.

  • Removing avoidable steps

You can cut and paste website content from a spreadsheet and  a graphic file into a text file, since this takes more time if a professional translator spends his time on such tasks and charges for the same.

  • Translate only what is needed

You can use different software and their features, such as translation memory to reuse a content translated previously, thus saving time and translation costs yet maintaining consistency in quality.

  • Use the right subject-matter professional translators

Although you may feel they will cost more when compared to part-time translators, you will save your money for sure in the end. Reworking to correct and rectify bad output will cost higher.

  • Use technology in a non-risky context

The free online software tools may lure you considering the money you will save should you go that path. But you should trust them only when you are working on things that are not critical for you in terms of accuracy in translation and also when there are some effective options for you for editing such translated content.

So, in a nutshell, translation is like any other profession, like accountancy or legal. If you don’t hesitate hiring professionals to aid your business and if you don’t think twice for shelling good money for adequate services, why should not you consider hiring a good translator?