Reducing costs: low cost translation services

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Low cost translation services

Cost reduction for translation and localization is actually achieved at the content development stage. You have the power to contain costs even before the document reaches your partner.

–       Always remember that translation projects are paid per word, so the fewer words the less it costs.

–       Use the same partner to get lower rates for repetitions

–       Talk to your partner about MT as this will lead to low cost translation services

ISOTranslation offers quality translations and reasonable prices

Avoid the trap of low cost

Machine translation seems like the perfect answer for low budgets, but such low quality translations can become a serious liability for your company.

Translation is a complex process

Translation is just the main work, after putting the source text in the new language a translator must check formatting. A text does not look the same in all languages so images or tables will change its position in the translated text giving the translation company extra work.

There is more than one step

Translation is only the first step. Any project has more than one language professional assigned to it, there will be at least 3, the translator, the proofreader and the project manager that ensures the best team is assigned, that deadlines are met and that performs Quality Analysis. While low cost translation services are available, you may want to check the quality of the work being done for you.