The Dos, Don’ts and Musts for Translators

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2015)

The Dos, Don’ts and Musts for Translators

* Carefully check all details before replying

1. Always check a project in all its details (main files, deadlines, wordcount, reference files, TM, analysis, special instructions, intermediate deadlines etc) and if you’re not sure, just check with the PM of the project (check the list of PMs in the Tranwise Menu to know who to contact and for what).

2. When a job is assigned to you as translators, confirmation is needed: this is very important! Always do that straight away,when you see a message on your screen congratulating you that you have been assigned. It also asks you to confirm. Click where it asks you to confirm. Then we are 100% sure that you can handle the job and we don’t need to look for another TR to re-assign that job.

* Do not start working on a project before getting confirmation from us

When you accept a project via email/Skype/phone, always check and agree to all its details from the very beginning and DO NOT start working until you get confirmation from an Assigning Manager/or any PM online at the time for that specific project. You will not get paid for a job if you  weren’t assigned to it.

* Deadline for TR and deadline for PR

To be taken into consideration when accepting PR jobs:

Please note: once a project is assigned, both translators and proofreaders can be in touch with each other until the project is completed and delivered, thus you can work out any issues among yourselves.

1. You must contact the TR of the project and see what the status of the job is; deadlines are set up according to the project’s details, sometimes TRs can upload earlier, sometimes not, but do not expect them to upload before the agreed deadline. Plus, they might have other stuff to handle in the meantime too, so the only condition is to upload as agreed from the beginning, neither earlier nor later than scheduled.

2. If you can’t agree with the translators about a suitable time for delivery, then you must inform the Assigning Manager/or any PM online at the time by any means, that you can’t handle the job so they can look for another available PR.

3. Once we have found a new PR, we can unassign you and you are no longer part of the project.

* Check our list of PMs and their daily schedules

The sooner you get help, the better it will be for you, the project and eventually the client.

Get connected with us
Chat through Tranwise when we are online (rather than sending a message when you see us online)
-> Offline messages through TW (but always try to contact a PM who is online first, there is someone online Mon to Fri 24 hrs a day)
-> Chat from the ISO website –
-> Email to [email protected]
-> IMPORTANT! When you can’t get to a computer or don’t have an internet connection please call us on: +1-888-714-7687
This also applies to translators on projects that are going to be late and you can’t let us know any other way.