Affiliate tips: The Holidays: best time to promote your affiliate program

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Best time to promote your affiliate program

The best time to stay in touch with your audience is the Holiday Season. Whether you are using your website, email campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other means to promote your Affiliate Program, a special message for the Holidays is the best way to connect with your audience.

Make your message memorable and personal

While everyone else is sending advertisements and has an eye on their pockets you can differentiate yourself by sending a Greeting Card. Your message will engage the audience and will be seen as heartfelt.

Say “Thank you”. Since they have been by your side until now, they would love to receive some gratitude. And they will be sure to reward your gratitude in the future by reading your emails, tweets, blog posts or Facebook messages.

Tap into the spirit of giving. Send a “present”, even if is in the form of gift ideas, advice for home-made decorations, Whitepapers, Greeting Cards or simply links to your favourite Holiday Songs. This is a sure way of making a personal connection and promote your affiliate program.

Creativity gets you a long way

  • Make them smile – it is a sure way to reach their heart.
  • Be unique – if you want to be memorable, step out of the box and find something to say that is unique and that represents you.
  • Go viral – a funny and creative message will be shared with friends, and you reach more people than you can ever imagine.

What you gain from being genuine and heartfelt

  • Engagement – make the communication bilateral and win your audience’s loyalty.
  • Trust – since you care about them they will care about you.
  • Reputation – they will think you are genuine and will share your messages in the future.

Being an Affiliate means that all the hard work and time you put in now will be rewarded in the future.

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