Things to consider when choosing a translation agency

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2017)

In this article, we will discuss some tips that will be helpful for you to hire a good translation agency. If you want to know why should you use the services on an agency instead of a freelancer, please read our previous posts.

Why a translation agency and how to work with one

  • Always use a professional translator.
  • Your requirements for translation should be clear before sending your documents to translation. Provide all of your requirements in hard copy instead of discussing them directly with the agency.
  • Identify the most suitable translation agency for your business. The compatibility between you and your translation agency matters a lot for the future working relationship.
  • Thorough research is the key to get anything done. Therefore, don’t be too hasty selecting a translation agency. If you don’t have time, ask your network of contacts. The quality certifications, affiliation with other industries or organizations and flawless delivery of work should be your criteria for choosing a translation company.
  • Your selected agency must be comfortable with your requirements. You can ask about desired file formats, fast turnaround, style and languages to translate. You can also ask about additional services offered by the agency.
  • Many translation agencies make claims about provision of high quality work. The claims won’t be useful for a business in the future. Therefore, get a guarantee from the agency regarding quality of work. Ask whether they use any software for the highest level of translation. The best way is to check their work experience with other clients. Ask those clients about their services and analyze if said agency will be able to provide you with the output you expect.
  • Don’t leave discussion about payments for the future. It can create a lot of confusions and conflict among the clients and a business. Therefore, ask the translation agency whether they charge per page or for a whole job. Every point related to payment should be cleared before starting work together.
  • Don’t forget to ask about additional services. Some agencies offer extra premium or free services. You (as a recruiter) must know about all the services offered by the translation agency.

If you follow the tips above you’ll be able to choose and work with a translation agency which best suits your needs.