How to get translation jobs on your mobile device

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2015)

Translation companies use specialized software to directly connect clients, project managers and translators in order to be able to cut down delays and to easily manage translation jobs. A project management software helps project managers to quickly respond to client requests for quotes. Once the quote has been accepted by the client, the project manager is able to look out for the right translators and to notify them about new translation jobs. Translators can directly accept a specific job and they get all the source files directly through the software.

ISO Translations uses its own made translation project management software called Tranwise. Until a while ago, translators could only connect to the software by using a desktop computer or a laptop. Due to raising demand, we have developed a way for translators to connect to our software by using their mobile devices.

How to get translation jobs on your mobile device

Here is what you have to do in order to get notifications of new translation jobs on any of your mobile devices. We have built this feature so that if you create a free Telegram account under and you follow the instructions below, you will receive all job notifications from Tranwise and you can reply to the job directly from the device of your choice.

1. Using your mobile device, please navigate to, sign-up for a free account and install the app.

2. Open Tranwise, navigate to your personal details (Menu -> Personal Details) and fill in your number, which is the phone number you have used to activate Telegram. This is the phone number that you are using Telegram with, in full international format. This could be the same as your mobile number or a different number, as you could register with Telegram using a different device. This is NOT the 5-digit code you have received from Telegram for activation. There is also a green question mark button at the right of the “Telegram #” field in Tranwise, which explains what Telegram is and how it works.

Once you have saved your settings you will be able to receive instant notifications of new translation jobs directly on your mobile device and you will also be able to reply to any of them.

By default, you will get job notifications on your mobile device only if you are offline in Tranwise. If you want to receive notifications even if you are online in Tranwise, go back to your personal details tab in Tranwise and check the box “Telegram me even when I’m online in Tranwise” underneath the Telegram number field.

There are two links in each Telegram message you receive. The first one, following “Please click the following link to reply to this request:” allows you to quickly reply to that translation project. Just tap the link on your device and it should open up a browser window with a reply form that works just like in Tranwise. You select your availability and type any comments you might have and tap the Send button. The reply will go directly into Tranwise and the project managers will see it right away. The second link, after “Live chat:”, allows you to chat with our Recruitment team directly from your mobile device, using an external live chat website.

If you want to stop receiving notifications of new translation jobs on your mobile device, all you have to do is to go back to your personal details in Tranwise and delete the Telegram number.

Telegram can be used on any device so it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you will be able to install the right app and use the system.

If you have any issues installing or using the new feature, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.