Many Different Types of Translation

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Types of Translation

Translation field is growing everywhere. These are many different types of translation specialties, and have different names and meanings. This is an effort to clear some of the translation terms to you.


As the word administrative indicates, it is the translation of business organizations and management writings. These types of translation not only used in textbooks and organizations using daily management skills, but also in the everyday government issues related to similar administration texts.


It is the commercial texts related translation, which covers all tender documents, manuals, business documents, accounts, correspondences, report writings, and even the commercial zone journals. This is a specialized branch of translation as the commercial translators are the Translators who know the business and market terminology.

Computer translation

It is the translation of anything related to computers and technology. It can have computer manuals, files, guidebooks, or other software helping texts. Beware, do not mix it with CAT, which is the software translation assisted by computer.


Economic translation is a certain word utilized for the translation of texts that relate to the world of economics, just like the commercial or business translation. Such translations are mostly used in textbooks.


Financial translation covers all the bank stuff, from accounting, checkbooks to stocks and shares. All the translation that can be related to the field of finance falls here.


This is the simplest and mostly used translation type. This includes spoken languages, no hi-fi terms and thick characters, a casual labor can read. There is no specific tone or accent needed.

You thought that is about all types of translation? There are more…


Legal translations include all the tricky translations needed in the court and law process, that covers agreements, contracts, wills property documentation and other legal subjects.

A legal translator is always needed in law because of the cultural differences across the country. A translation in both languages is needed mostly for a better understanding of the issues.

Some agencies do not take a translator, but some legal for this purpose. This is because the legal issues are very crucial to change the terminology up to the slight difference. It can cause issues.

Translation in legal terms is tricky in a sense that the source and target language have different audiences with different types of laws and different type of terms according to their culture. The translator should translate the document keeping in mind the target language’s law structure and corresponding terms related to it.


Poetry, prose, books, and other literature elements’ translation fall under this category.

Strict translation does not work here. You must be literal enough to know the target language idioms, phrases, and humor elements to use in the translation. Even the translator should know about the culture, the feelings, and the type of religions in the target language. This is the highest form of translation that requires creativity from the translator to make it interesting to read.

Medical translations

Medical books and medical instrument manuals are translated by the medical translator.

Medical translation is similar to legal translation due to its specific terminology. Slightest term difference can lead to worse effects.

Technical translations

It mostly covers the translation of manuals or instructions of the equipment and mechanical tools. Electronic devices and IT products also need translation for its guidebooks, index, etc. These types of products make them expensive translators. The specialist translator must have a high glossary about the given field.

As you can see there are a lot of types of translation but if you decide to work with a known translation company you can be sure they have translators available for any translation type you may need.