Website Translation – The Three Options

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2015)

Website Translation – The Options

You have worked hard to build an excellent website in English and now you feel it’s time to reach international markets as well. You need to get your site translated into different languages, but how do you do that?

A. Machine translation

First, there is the free option for website translation. Most people love to get things for free, and I bet you are one of them. There are certain tools you can use to have your website translated automatically, for free. Google Translate has a nice feature that can translate your entire side. But there’s a downside to it. The text given by translation software is neither fluent nor professional, making your website virtually impossible to understand, especially if we’re talking about a language very different from English, like Japanese. If you want a professional website, machine translation is not an option.

B. Freelance translator

Another option for website translation is to use the services of a freelance translator. A freelance translator with experience will be able to make your site understandable and attractive in another language. Of course, this is not a free option. Prices depend on several factors such as the amount of text, its difficulty, the deadline you set, the language you need it translated into, the translator’s experience, the quality you require and, of course, the availability of the translator for that language pair. If you wish to get the most out of your website translation, you need to choose somebody who is translating into their mother tongue. For example, if you need a specialized translation from English to French, you need to find a translator who uses French as their native language.

The downside of using this approach is that you have to find a freelance translator for each language you want to translate your website into. So if you need translation to German, French and Chinese, you will have to find a translator for each language combination. Due to this, the final price may be higher than expected and the result entirely depends on each translator’s experience and knowledge.

C. Translation agency

The third option and the best one is to hire a translation agency for your website translation needs. This way you will make sure your website is translated without any mistakes. In an agency, translators work in teams in order to offer clients high-quality translations in a short amount of time. Usually, one of them translates the text while the other is proofreading it. There can also be a third or a fourth proofreader, depending on the difficulty. The result is much more accurate than the one produced by a single translator. While the price might be higher, the quality follows it. Another advantage of specialized translation through an agency is that the teams are composed of professionals with different strengths in order to accommodate your needs.

Finally, when your website is finished, the next step is getting people to read it. In order to do that you have to promote it adequately. Make sure that your website is optimized for search engines. You can have that by getting a translator who knows about keywords and can properly research them. If you choose a translation agency, they can do both website translation and optimization in order to make it popular with your target. If your website is relevant to both your target and web search engines, you will have readers pour in and take your business to the next level by converting them into customers!