What Skills Are Required To Be A Good Translator

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

Skills Necessary to be a Good Translator in a Global Translation Market

If you are thinking of starting your career as a translator you need to have passion for learning new languages and be able to communicate effectively. In order to be a good translator you need to have full command of your native language. Then you can choose your target language. It depends on where you live. If you live in North America then learning Spanish as your target language will be most suitable.

Learning another language is no easy task and surely is not enough to become a translator. Translation always include localization and in order to do that, you have to live amongst people speaking that language, learn their particularities, their culture and their customs.

If you already have great commands in two languages, you can become a translator. To be a good translator you need to have these skills:

– Avid reader

You need to be bilingual. You must read piles of books and have excellent reading skills. If you want to be a professional translator you need to have good vocabulary skills. You need to practice translation exercises before starting your career as a professional.

– Excellent writer

To be a good translator you need to have excellent writing skills in your source language as well as in your target language.

– Certification in translation

To be a professional you need to acquire language translation certifications from your university.

– Excellent comprehension skills

For a successful career in translation business, you need to have extra-ordinary comprehension skills in your native language. You need to have excellent comprehension skills in the target language as well. If you read a lot you can improve your comprehension skills.

– Cultural knowledge of source and translated language

To be able to relate yourself to your clients you need to know the cultural differences of both languages i.e., source language and your target language.

– You need to specialize in one or more subject areas

To be a good translator you should be able to have knowledge of more than two subject areas. If you specialize in any other subject areas you will be able to market your translation services.

– Ability to handle clients and meet their needs on time

As a new translator in market you need to give your clients your full attention. To be a good translator, you have to use good marketing strategies to meet your target group.