Why a business needs a multilingual website

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2016)

Mostly everyone thinks that having your company website only in English is enough. After all, it is the second ranking spoken language by most people in the world. Add to that it is the top second language spoken by the whole world. Combining the two, English is the most understood language by the whole world.

Why would your company need a multilingual website?

There are many nationalities with a large population who can barely understand English if at all. By not catering to these nationalities by including their native languages, you could be denying yourself of access to not only potential wealthy clients but also to skilful and inexpensive labour, resources and  possibly new base points.

Even if your international clients or partners can transact with you in English, having their nation’s language as part of your website shows that you think of them as integral to your company. It makes them feel that their participation in your company’s growth is significant and that you not only appreciate, but treasure their business with you. It also gives the impression that you also deal with other companies from the same foreign nation, not just one. Because why would you go to the trouble of including their language if you are dealing with just the one company. Since their fellow countrymen’s companies trust you, then they can trust you. It shows that you intend to keep investing and dealing with the region that speaks that language and will not easily abandon them should unexpected difficulties arise. And they would show you the same loyalty in turn.

A multilingual website is far more impressive than an ordinary one. It shows that your company is doing well enough that you can spend the extra money on translation services. It shows that your company is large enough to be doing business in a global scale (even if you are only starting to.)

On a superficial note, a multilingual website can drive more traffic to your business website. More words, even if these are words of a foreign language, means more hits. More hits means more business.

So start thinking of turning your company website into a multilingual website. If you won’t, your competitors will.