Why Is Dutch Translation Needed For Your Website?

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2015)

Quite a few website owners don’t realize how important Dutch translation can be when creating their new website. Proper translation from English to Dutch is very important and when a website hasn’t been translated properly, it can cause a lot of problems. Anyone setting up a new websites needs to understand the importance of translation and not just sloppy translation either but actual professional translation and localization of all content.

A Website Is a Business

To be honest, most people set up a website for one reason – to make money – and usually you don’t limit the people you reach. However, if you want to attract Dutch speaking readers, you will need to consider translating whatever content you have so more viewers can be reached. You also have to remember that a website is technically a business and it’s your job to look professional and have proper Dutch translation for every single web page, even if it’s only for five people!

Reaching More Customers

Not everyone speaks English today and there will be times when you need translation in order to reach out to millions more readers. Having web content written only in English can spell big trouble because it means you are actually limiting your viewers and that is bad for business. However, if you have accurate Dutch translation, you are able to aim for potentially millions of additional visitors.

Can You Really Afford To Take The Chance Of Having No Dutch Translation?

There aren’t many sites online that get a second chance and if you present a bad first impression, the chances are readers won’t return. That is the bottom line of things simply because it’s true. Once a bad impression has been created, even if it’s through poor Dutch translation, it’s done and people are put off by it. Yes, there are chances, in time, you’ll still get visitors but you are still losing potential customers and that is very bad for any website.

Broken Dutch Isn’t Acceptable

The days are long gone when it was near impossible to translate content without a big price tag. Translation services are so affordable but still, sites don’t use those services but having websites full of broken Dutch isn’t going to cut mustard. Running the risk of having improper Dutch is crazy. No business man or woman would take such a risk, and it doesn’t matter whether business is good or bad, it’s a risk that should never be taken. Will you run the risk of not having proper Dutch translation?