Why Work With Translation Services Companies

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

These days, there are a number of options available for businesses that require translation, for example in-house translators, independent freelance translators, Translation Services companies, etc. Every option has its own pros and cons; also, a particular option may be best for one firm but may not suit the needs of another firm. Here we take a view of each of these approaches and analyze the costs and benefits of every option.

In-house Translators:

There are several advantages for this translation approach. For example, you have your own dedicated employees to take care of all the translation-related requirements of your firm. Over time your in-house staff will become an expert in your projects, develop expertise in the specific terminologies that are used in your content, your in-house stylistic strategies, your writers and their writing styles, work style and policies of your firm. There is almost 0% possibility that an individual translator or a firm providing translation services can be this much familiar with your work culture, philosophies, processes, content strategies etc., and so your in-house staff can deliver content of the highest quality.

This is also true that this approach may not be the most suitable for you all the time.  You should be able to provide ongoing work for your translation staff if you hire them. Your in-house staff will require training to understand your specific translation needs and to become an expert in your content and produce good translated content. In addition to this, you will need to provide training to your translators on the advanced software and hardware translation tools. You will bear the cost of recruitment processes, the cost of purchase and maintenance of tools, and other resources.  Consider the cost of training of your translation and other staff, cost of space and infrastructure, cost of salary of your staff, however it cannot be guaranteed that your employee will work with you for a long term and will not join any other firm after becoming trained and experienced.

Why Work With Translation Services Companies

You will have to bear a high initial cost to set up a translation department for your firm. A translation department with advanced software and hardware tools and skilled staff fit for the businesses where:

• There is enough free time for hiring and training translators

• Senior employees and management staff can manage time for monitoring and guiding the translation teams, software and hardware tools, and resources.

• There is a need of multi language translators and there is availability of constant work

• Trained staff is available for all kinds of pre and post translation activities including integration and multimedia engineering

ISO Translations is always here to help you if you decide to go for in-house translators approach. We can assist you in setting up the infrastructure, we can provide the qualified and skilled candidates who can help in the management and maintenance of your Translation Memories and Databases, we also provide the software and hardware translation tools. We can handle the translation services that require the expertise of multiple languages, in case your employees are fully occupied or lack the skills required for some jobs we are here to share your load. We also provide integration services including multimedia integration, audit services, and other services on request.